My interest is in various visual and audio storytelling forms that embrace the wide, wondrous spectrum of comedy and drama.

 I love thinking big.

My values include equitable practices as well as safe and collaborative workspaces.


I celebrate diverse voices, and the wealth of what we have to offer.


We are just getting started. 

RAMONE'S STORY | Shadowpath Theatre Productions | Director | (upcoming)


MARY'S WEDDING | Citadel Theatre | Apprentice Director | 


A CHRISTMAS CAROL | Rosebud Theatre | Apprentice Director |


хлеб - HERE THERE BE NIGHT | Workshop West & Theatre Network | Director |


HORIZON LAB SERIES | Citadel Theatre | Director |


A MOMENTARY LAPSE | Teatro la Quindicina | Assistant Director |

ROBOT GIRLS | Alberta Playwrights Network | Apprentice Dir. (Play workshop & reading)

US & THEM | Victoria School | Director | 

AN ACCIDENT | Northern Light Theatre | Intern Assistant |

Patricia directed 'хлеб' (Bread),
a "smart, political black comedy" by Jason Chinn.
Here There Be Night' was a production comprised of 10 playwrights who each wrote a play using the health constraints of Covid-19 as a theatrical convention.
Patricia collaborated with Theatre Network on the show that was commissioned by Workshop West Playwrights Theatre.  
Read more about it here.
Part Of This World 1.jpg


“The most graphic was the opening piece, Part of This World (a collaboration between Carly Neis, Patricia Cerra, and Cynthia Jimenez-Hicks). “Can we get Carly Neis to the stage?” says a stage manager voice. Maybe, but it’s tricky. Neis’s story — the story of disabled artist, whose day job is administration and box office at the Citadel — was demonstrated as a physical odyssey towards the ever-elusive stage, a dangerous and often discouraging quest full of obstacles and delays for her and a remarkably calm, stage-savvy support dog Oakley. How do you find your light, centrestage, when your motorized wheelchair might not fit in elevators, or doors, or be visible over high counters? “Don’t worry about it. I’m still OK down here,” she sighs, after every setback. “When will other folks catch up to my normal?” This show, she says poignantly, is “the start to my happily-ever-after….”

- Liz Nicholls (12th night)

Photo: Carly Neis & her service dog Oakley.

Director: Patricia Cerra

Lighting & Set by E CM Jason